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A truly engaging web experience with your logo and branded content.

1. Fast track is really FAST!

No IT project - no integrations required! The most convenient customer program for convenience and foodservice retailers. Read More

Our fast-track product makes it easy for convenience and foodservice retailers to create a digital customer program. Based on our standard web app platform your program can run in any browser. Your own branded web app can be set up in minutes. Use it for your next campaign, for longer activations of key product categories like coffee and food or as a start of your customer program.


No IT project to get started! No native app integrations or POS integrations are required. Tell us what web address you want on the domain ( and we configure your web app with your logo and your preferences on colors and texts.


Your content is the star of the app. We have devoted all available space in the app to display the campaigns you create. This gives you rich branding opportunities. The user experience will be driven by the style of your graphics, the mechanics you choose and the products you promote.

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2. Unprecedented range of features.

Engage customers with games. Use coupons to drive traffic to store. Activate your paid media and social media channels. Simple redemption in store. Read More

No other customer program solution can offer as wide a range of mechanics relevant for convenience and foodservice retailers – self-service! After the no IT project configuration, you can immediately start recruiting customers to your program. Promote your products, reward and engage your customers! Build your own digital distribution and drive traffic to store!


The core of your program are good offers that customers redeem with quick and easy in-store redemption. We log the time and place of redemption for statistics and analysis.


In our experience, games are great for driving engagement. We believe simple games should be part of your program to ensure success and customer engagement. Customers value to be entertained! Give your customers the opportunity to play simple games once per day. This mechanic ensures that customers proactively return to your web app.


To boost attention to the app, you can send SMS notifications. Send notifications based on automation. Remind a customer to use a reward before it expires or re-activate users automatically if they have not played in 3 days.


See our products page for complete list of features available for fast-track.


To get a sense of what our content feels like sign-up with one or all of our demo programs here by clicking on the picture or scanning the QR code with your iPhone camera. Use your mobile. If you play all the games return tomorrow and you will be able to play them again. They re-fresh every day!

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3. Build your own distribution

The digital channel that you control is a strategic asset. Communicating through your own digital channel is the most cost effective marketing. Read More

Communicate with your most loyal customers to ensure your brand stays top of mind. Motivate them to visit you more often. Increased purchase frequency on your most loyal customers will impact your business.


In your customer program, the audience is your most loyal customers. No other marketing channel is similarly focused on your most important customers.


You can adapt communication per customer segment, their frequency in store, individual product preferences.


When you are ready, expand the program with a more advanced customer front-end (native app) and improve handling in store and capture more data through one of our POS integration options.

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4. Easy campaign operations

You create and manage campaigns from our self service dashboard. Real-time analytics available on your mobile. Read More

You fill the app with the content you want. Our self-service dashboard makes it easy to create and manage campaigns.


We take store operations very seriously. Stable and reliable operations is the most important aspect for us. Our broad experience gives us an edge in ensuring stable operations. We issue and redeem millions of coupons and games, across the world.


Real-time statistics on campaign performance is always available. You see aggregate statistics on registered members in the app, app openings and store visits. For each campaign, you see detailed statistics on issues and usage. Create custom graphs to use in your presentations or download reports to make your own analysis.

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5. Cost effective, simple pricing model

No IT project. No set up fees. Low monthly license. Fast track is the ideal place to start your customer program. Read More

Fast track is designed to be fast. Both operationally and commercially. Therefore, we have created a simple pricing model. SMS is the only variable element.

You can use the solution for as long as you like, no upgrades required. We want it to be easy to get started with a customer program.

There are no limits on the number of activities you can do on your web app. The more registrations and engagement you can create, the lower the cost per customer engagement. Your customer program can become the most cost effective channel for communicating with your customers.

When you are ready, we can support you to upgrade to a more advanced customer front end and in store handling. Our wide range of <a href=””>products</a> ensures that we can support you from the very beginning to a broad program with world leading features.

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